Monday, January 9, 2012

Jason Wu for Target? Go crazy...NOW

I am such a sucker for designer collaborations.
From Rodarte to Alexander McQueen, Target definitely knows how to reel in the big designers. My Teen Vogue arrived in the mail, thank goodness. What else am I supposed to read when I have a cast on my leg (oh yeah, kinda got into a wee-of an accident) and I seriously can't watch Jersey Shore re-runs anymore. Anyway, as I was flipping the first pages of the advertisements, there it was! Jason Wu for Target's ad! (above) So chic and elegant. I loved it.
Bows and A-line skirts? #WINNING 
Jason Wu's dresses are not only super cute, but they're definitely versatile. I already imagined myself wearing his dresses at school or a nice dinner. This is seriously a collection I'll be investing some money on.
I just hope I can buy some cool pieces before college and senior dues wipe me out...

As quoted from,
“You can call me a cat person; it’s fine,” Wu, who has two cats, admits. “We did a whole narrative through the cats in a very fifties style to reflect the fun and sophistication in the collection.”

The 53 piece collection hits stores on February you should too! (after me of course)

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