Saturday, September 24, 2011

MBFW: Backstage at Betsey Johnson!

"We need her on line NOW!"
Insanity would be an understatement if I had to describe how hectic it was working backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011.
From Venexiana to Jad Ghandour, every show I worked, was a learning experience. Fashion is everything but glamorous. With my fashion emergency belt, holding everything from safety pins to double sided tape, I was ready for anything that needed fixing. 
Hmm...guess there wasn't anything in there for my nerves?
Biting my bottom lip, I immediately push away the exciting nerves in a safe box.
After working my first show, I was already excited to start on my second.
When I found out it was Betsey Johnson I was working for, I couldn't help but to squeal inside!
Betsey Johnson's "fuck yeah!" attitude always inspired me. And her creativity and personality shows through her fun designs. And here I was, dressing for one of my favorite designers!
So I was totally psyched and yes, nervous to work at her Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show!

I dressed my model, Anastasia, below. Here was the first look!

Betsey takes so much time and dedication into her work, you could really tell she loves what she does.
She made signs all over backstage, motivating the models to "KICK ASS!" and "YOU ROCK!" her enthusiam was the life of the party!
After hair and makeup, I made sure that I read the dress card that gave specific instructions on how Betsey wanted each look to look like. Dress, bra, necklace ready to go, I armed myself.
The necklace was a bit of hassle to put on Anastasia; it weighed a ton and you had to fasten it with 2 safety pins. "Make sure to put the necklace on right-we had one of them fall last time" said one of the overseers backstage.

I grabbed a third safety pin for good measure. I am not taking any chances!
The massive platforms was an easy way for my nerves to start again. As I was tying the thin ribbons on Anastasia's shoes, she pleaded for me to tie them tighter. I knew she was nervous and the shoes already looked hard enough to walk in, so I pulled the laces tigher and snap! it ripped.
Eyes wide, face hot, I quickly grab the laces to continue tying them-too short.
"We need Anastasia on line NOW!"
Panic has reached full capacity, ladies and gentleman.
The anxiety is actually rising again, as I'm typing this.
I snatch up the strip of ribbon, tie a knot with the connecting ribbon, pull tight, and thank God-it tied.

Dress on hand, I was ready for her next look. I had some help with unlacing her last shoes, as we quickly pulled together her next next look!

Last look for all models: t-shirt, undies, and a balloon!
Betsey- YOU ROCK!

I was so happy to have worked Betsey's show! My model thanked me, and I headed to my next show, Jad Ghandour. This experience was a really big eye opener for me. I loved the idea that I played a part in fashion week. That I wasn't just an attendee who came, saw, and applauded. It also made me appreciate everyone who works backstage or behind-the-scenes in everything. Because without them, nothing would be possible!
I worked hard, and it paid off!
See you next season MBFW!

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