Monday, May 21, 2012

M.I.A Much?

Oh goodness gracious!

It's been quite some time, huh?

I apologize for not blogging in such a long time! I had some of my readers contact me who asked if Pretty Provocative was still active. It is guys! I've been so busy with getting back to school and catching up work I missed since my accident and everything else in between, that I was swarmed with so many things. But at last! Cristine is back and ready to update you on everything you've missed!

My senior year is coming to an end and although the feeling's bittersweet, I honestly cannot wait for a new chapter in my life. No final plans have been determined, but it looks like I may be attending F.I.T, the Fashion Institute of Technology this Fall semester.

Class of 2012! 

My dance majors and I

I'm Student Body President of my school and everyone refers to me as "Ms. President" so it was only natural to add it on my Senior Sweatshirt! 

Only a few more days of class remain and I'll be graduating from High School! I have grown so much these past 4 years and I know the journey will only get harder from here. My responsibilities are growing as fast as I am, and I am determined to take the challenges head on! 

Hope everyone has been doing swell! Tweet me @prtyprovocative and let me know what all of you are up to! 

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